6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Family Pet
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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Family Pet

Hey my lovely dog owners to-be! If you’re considering getting a dog because your child has been hounding you for a year and you are about to give in, think again. Getting a dog or a pet just to teach your child responsibility is not a good enough reason to go through with it. If you are not a dog person but think your child should have a pet or simply don’t have the time to incorporate another child into your daily life, especially one with big ears, then don’t! Don’t succumb to your child’s begging only to come to the realization that you don’t have the time and will resent the whole process.

Often, parents bite off more than they can chew and the dog ends up not trained, ripping things up, or its needs get neglected. You should know that you are the primary caretaker of the dog or pet, not your child. Sure the idea is great and yes, pets are a wonderful addition to the family and a child’s life. Don’t get me wrong, teaching a child how to care for a pet is a great way to teach responsibility, empathy and love! Just know that ultimately though, it’s your job to take care of the dog. Really do your research but most of all embrace the process of having a new baby, the kind with a wet nose that gives life-long facials!

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Family Pet:

1. Are you a seasoned dog/pet owner?

2. Have you owned and raised a dog before?

3. Are you aware of the daily time commitment of owning a dog? Who is going to be responsible? Will your husband share the duties?

4. Do you have the extra money to handle all the vet bills and other dog stuff? It can really add up!

5. Are you aware that you, the parent, must manage the upbringing of the dog, not your child?

6. Are you on the same page with your spouse?

The above questions are not meant to freak you out! They are intended to create awareness. Raising a puppy can be the greatest experience in the world for you, your child and the entire family, if you (the parent) do it right and are totally prepared!

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