Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy
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Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy

Your body faces many changes during a pregnancy. Swollen feet, exhaustion and an increased need for vitamins and nutrients are considerations during the gestation period. Throughout history, women have used various herbs to reduce pregnancy discomfort and obtain essential nutrients. Knowing the properties and reported effects of an herb will help you make an informed decision about its use.

Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion greens provide vitamins that can help reduce the risk of birth defects. In addition, the iron contained in the greens helps you avoid iron-deficient anemia. The greens can be used in tossed salad or as garnishment on the dinner plate. Choose greens that have not been sprayed or grown with chemical fertilizers or insecticides and wash them completely before consuming.

Ginger Root

Ginger root has been used to treat nausea for more than 2,000 years according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. UMMC reports that human studies discovered 1 gram of ginger each day can help alleviate morning sickness. It should only be used for short periods at a time. UMMC recommends no more than four consecutive days of ginger in the diet at a time.

Red Raspberry Leaves

Red raspberries are sweet fruits, but their leaves also hold a nutritional value for pregnant women. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the leaves reduce nausea and promote the production of breast milk. Midwives don’t recommend use during the first trimester, as its safety during these months is not yet known. During the second and third trimester, two cups of raspberry leaf tea daily is the recommended dose.

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