Ant-Man – Marvel’s Done It Again
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Ant-Man – Marvel’s Done It Again

Ant-Man, a founding member of The Avengers, makes his big screen debut in Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” and boy, he doesn’t disappoint. Although Ant-Man may be the smallest of superheros, what he lacks in size, he makes up in strength and conviction.

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Paul Rudd stars as the charming and funny Scott Lang who is recently released from prison for burglary. He is trying to turn his life around and create a better relationship with his daughter. He ends up having to help his mentor (played by

Michael Douglas) protect the secret of the Ant-Man suit and use his special (not so orthodox) skills to save the world.

Photo Credit: Marvel
Photo Credit: Marvel

Corey Stoll plays a brilliant yet warped villain who militarizes Ant-Man-type technology to create the Yellowjacket. Michael Peña is a scene stealer as Ant-Man’s best buddy.

Make sure to stay and watch the closing credits because there are two scenes that you won’t want to miss.

This movie is fantastically fun and a great family film. Definitely a must-see movie with heart and humor.

We were lucky enough to attend the premiere and wanted to share with you the cast introductions!

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