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How To Host Easter Dinner Without Losing Your Mind

Are you planning a formal dinner for Easter? They can be a little daunting — there are a lot of moving parts to organize, from the menu to the table settings. Here’s a stress-free plan that will allow you to actually hang out and relax during the gathering rather than running around like a chicken without a head. The Breakdown Weve broken the big event down into a series of smaller tasks that you can do in increments of time between now and the big day. Yes, you can put on a lovely dinner and enjoy it too.

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Get Your House Organized for Passover

March 25 marks the beginning of Passover this year. If you are Jewish, it is week when family and community come together to celebrate the Exodus. The hallmark of this observance is the removal of all leaven from the home, which commemorates the fact that the Jews leaving Egypt were in a hurry, and did not have time to let their bread rise. It is also a symbolic way to remove the puffiness, or arrogance and pride, from the soul.

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Planning & Packing Quick, Healthy Kid Lunches

With the kids back in school, the biggest benefit to busy parents is settling back into a nice routine. However, school also brings the dilemma of packing daily lunches. The morning rush is difficult enough, with showers, breakfast and last-minute scrambling to find the soccer cleats and get kids out the door and yourself off to work. It can be tempting to throw in convenient but poor nutritional choices, just because theyre fast.