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Oily Hair in Children

Like acne and dandruff, oily hair is a problem that most moms don’t expect for their children to have to deal with before their teenage years. So when you notice your child’s once-shiny hair is taking a turn for the greasy, it’s a relief to know that oily hair in children is perfectly normal and simple to treat.

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Excessive Pregnancy Weight Gain

You may be eating for two and craving pickles and ice cream, but pregnancy isn’t a weight gain free-for-all. Sure, you’ll have to gain weight to support your growing baby, but excessive pregnancy weight gain can cause problems for you and your baby. Knowing how much you should gain and how to keep your baby weight under control can add up to a healthy pregnancy.

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Wrinkle Products That Work

When you’re shopping for wrinkle-fighting products, the sheer abundance of potions, creams and lotions available can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve got $20 or $200 to spend, finding wrinkle products that work means looking for ingredients that actually make a difference in the appearance of your skin.

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Aerobic Exercise for Women During Pregnancy

If you think being pregnant means you have license to camp out on the couch with your favorite television shows and a stockpile of pickles and ice cream, think again. Though rest and relaxation are important parts of a healthy pregnancy, regular aerobic exercise is equally important, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.