2 mins read

Newborn Babies Get Bored Too!

With every wonder week, or leap, that babies make, they are able to perceive things they couldn’t perceive before. And, once they have made one of these leaps, they want nothing more than to explore their new capabilities. That is why, with every new stage in mental development, new games, toys and situations are so attractive. And, it is why I describe the best games and things to do with your baby with every leap in my book, The Wonder Weeks.

7 mins read

How to Prevent the “Terrible Twos”

Temper Tantrums. Moodiness. Nagging. An affinity for the word no. Welcome to toddler-hood. In fact, the behavior often associated with this stage makes this period even harder than puberty for some! But dont worry; its not an impossible situation. In fact, if you know whats happening inside your toddlers brain, you can turn this into a terrific time for you and your baby.