Cool Home Crafts for Kids
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Cool Home Crafts for Kids

Maybe it’s a snow day at school, a weekend or a rainy evening, but for whatever reason, you find the kids at home, sitting in front of a game console or the television. Now’s the time to pull the kids away and get them involved with cool home crafts. Not only will the kids be more active, they may learn to appreciate aspects of arts and crafts that spark their interests for years to come.

Milk Carton House

This craft is ideal for younger children and can help spark their imagination. Have the kids imagine their house, and then design it with a milk carton. Make sure the kids are using safety scissors, or provide the cutting help yourself, as they cut the milk carton into the shape of their house. Note the top of a milk carton provides a natural sloping surface that resembles a roof. Additions can be taped on with additional cutting to form the walls and roofs. Use coloring markers to color your house and a flat piece of cardboard colored green to make the yard.

Computer Mouse Crafts.

Use a discarded computer mouse to make a cool craft project for kids. For younger kids, transform the computer mouse into a frog. Use green poster board or paper to cut out front and back legs. Tape the legs onto the mouse. Glue on a pair of wiggly eyes that are available at many craft stores. Older kids may appreciate turning a computer mouse into a car. Drill holes into the front and back of the mouse. Use screws to attach wheels to the mouse. Decorate the car with windshields and fins made from cut-out poster board.

Bark Painting

In Mexico, one art form uses tree bark as a canvas for painting. You can introduce your kids to this art form by boiling a piece of bark and pounding it flat. Alternately, you can use a brown paper grocery bag. Simply cut a square canvas from the bag, wet it with water, squeeze the water out, flatten it and allow it to dry. The kids can then outline their drawing with a black marker, then fill in the spaces with paint the color of their choosing.

Clothespin Dolls

Use wood clothespins for this craft. Draw faces on the rounded ends of the clothespins, and use short pieces of yarn glued to the top as hair. Wrap yarn around the body of the clothespin from the bottom up. Use a different color every few wraps to create a colorful costume. You can vary the colors and the number of wraps before changing colors to vary the dress of your clothespin dolls.

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