Craft Projects for Home Decorating
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Craft Projects for Home Decorating

Craft projects can be fun for the entire family, but you can also find enjoyment and satisfaction from working on crafts by yourself. When looking to spruce up the appearance of a home, you can use craft projects to add homemade decorations. Not only can craft projects add to the overall appearance of your home, they can provide you with numerous gratifying experiences.


In many ways, a simple frame can be turned into a craft project for wall decorations. Frames can be found in craft stores, although they can also be found more inexpensively at thrift shops and yard sales. Decide on the theme for what to place in the frame. For example, nature themes work well. Simply press flowers, leaves, and other items found in fields or gardens in the pages of a book until dry and flat, and then place them in the frame. Old photographs and other mementos, such as theater ticket receipts, work well, also. Crocheted doilies and needlework also can be placed in frames.

Floral Decor

Add a floral theme to your home decoration projects. Turn a wicker basket into one with a floral design by adding bows that are made from cloth strips that have floral designs. Paint the basket first to match the color of the room. The cloth strips with floral patterns can also be dress-up framed craft projects. Floral stencils can be placed around windows and doors and painted to add to the floral theme. Paint flowers on old tins and place the tins on kitchen shelves to bring the floral theme into the kitchen. Sew rose patterns or other flowers onto pillows and place the pillows on furniture or on a bed.

Wall Murals

Find a picture that appeals to you and that you wish to replicate on a wall. For example, a baseball or unicorn design on a child’s bedroom wall can be appealing. Draw the outlines of the picture first with a pencil. You can do this by sight or by transposing the picture onto the wall by using a transparency and overhead projector. After the design has been outlined, fill in the spaces with an appropriate wall paint.

Rustic Signs

Rustic signs that resemble those found in front of an old quaint cottage can be made by using old wooden planks. Simply nail the planks to a centerboard stick. Clean the planks and use your favorite wood stain to get the color you want. Then paint on your message such as “Welcome” or “Gone Fishing.” After the paint dries, complete with a coat of varnish. Add a wall-hanging hook to place on the wall, or use a longer centerboard stick to plant into the ground.

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