Jeggings: The Miracle Pants
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Jeggings: The Miracle Pants

They seem to be everywhere. On celebs walking through Beverly Hills, on teenagers walking from class to class, and on models walking down the runway. So what are these magic pants? JEGGINGS!

We’ve raved about them before, but we can’t help it. We really just can’t get enough of these things. What the heck are jeggings, you ask? They are pants that feel like spandex and act like the perfect in-between for when you can’t decide if it’s a jeans day, or an I’m-wearing-yoga-pants-but-not-going-to-the-gym day. Named with the combination of jeans and leggings in mind (jeans + leggings = jeggings…how clever!), they essentially look like your average denim skinny, but are so much more versatile.

Jeggings can be worn with just about anything. That’s why they are this decade’s (or at least this year’s!) miracle must-have for your closet. If you’re super thin, you can wear them as normal pants, just as you’d wear a pair of jeans. Slip them on with a t-shirt or sweater and bam! Instant cuteness.

Because not all of us are blessed to have the body of a supermodel, there are a few limits to when you should don your jeggings–but luckily not enough to scare away any potential wearers. I generally try to wear jeggings with a longer shirt to cover up my butt a little (hey, a girl can be a tad self-conscious!). The only reason I do this is because they are not made of real denim, traditionally a pretty thick material, so the thinner half denim-half spandex material can be a little tight on my curves. But that’s another reason I love them–they hug my legs all the way down to my ankles. Perfect to pair under a loose-fitting, flowy top for going out.

Because I am tall and it’s hard enough to find normal pants that are long enough for my legs, jeggings tend to be a little short on me (I haven’t found any that come in a "long" size yet). However, there are plenty of ways to circumvent the consequences of this small dilemma. I like to tuck them into boots so no one can see that they come up to my ankles, and when I’m feeling spunky on a warmer day, I just rock the ankle pants look! Throw on some cute flats with those bad boys and you’re ready for some errands or picking up the little darlings from school.

If you think you can’t wear jeggings because you’ve got a few extra pounds or a curvier figure, think again. The key is to balance out an outfit. This goes for jeggings, as well as any clothing. Jeggings are pretty tight on your legs and butt, so you’d want to counterbalance this by wearing something a little looser on top (unless, of course, you’re going for a super tight from head to toe style).

Jeggings are a versatile alternative to skinny jeans. In fact, they seem extremely similar to them, so why make the switch? Try on a pair, move around a little, and you’ll see why. They feel SO good! Super comfortable and even pretty stretchy, jeggings make you feel like you’re wearing workout pants, but look classy and hip like nice jeans. They look fabulous with heels (hello, instantly skinny legs!) and come in various colors and washes. Try jeggings this season for a taste of stylish comfort!

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