Angelina Jolie Was Born To Play Maleficent (And Yes, That’s A Compliment)
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Angelina Jolie Was Born To Play Maleficent (And Yes, That’s A Compliment)

As a huge fan of Angelina Jolie as well as the original Sleeping Beauty animated movie, we were thrilled to attend the world premiere of “Maleficent” at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The whole office was buzzing with excitement at the thought of seeing Brangelina in real life.

“She is absolutely the ONLY person who could play this character,” said one of our editors. “I secretly liked Maleficent more than Aurora when I was a kid. She was such a glamorous villain…”
And let me tell you, the leading lady did not disappoint.

When we arrived at the theater, there was a gorgeous blue carpet with elegant booths set up along the side. We had the chance to sample glitter tattoos, make our own wands, create perfume potions, visit fortune tellers and even test out magical smoking rice balls – you bit into them and smoke came billowing out!
But the big moment, of course, happened when Angelina Jolie and her hubby Brad Pitt arrived – can I just say they were SO gracious with fans, taking pics and signing as many autographs as they could with big smiles on their faces.
As for the movie – WOW.
As Maleficent, Jolie commanded the screen. It’s amazing what this talented actress can “say” with the raise of an eyebrow or flick of the wrist.
The film depicts the untold story of Disney’s beloved villain and turns the classic tale upside down… in fact, without giving anything away, it’s possible you may even find yourself rooting for the dark fairy.
Elle Fanning gave a truly enchanting performance as Aurora.
While the film may be a bit too scary for little ones, it’s a complex tale of life, love and loyalty that may spark new family discussions about morality and values. We give it two big thumbs (or wings) up!


 Maleficent opens in theaters everywhere on Friday May 30. Learn more on Facebook and watch the trailer below:

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