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How to Clean Glass Ceramic Cooktops

Ceramic glass cooktop stoves give a kitchen a contemporary feel and have the added bonus of being easy to clean since it is just one smooth surface. To maintain the surface, you will need to clean the cooktop after each use, as any spills left to sit will become harder to remove once dry. With the right cleaning supplies and regular cleaning, you can maintain the surface of a ceramic glass cooktop for many years.

Step 1

Check the heat indicator lights on the stove to ensure that the cooktop is cool. For your own safety and to prevent cooking the cleaner, you do not want to clean the cooktop when it is hot.

Step 2

Wipe the surface with a wet, slightly soapy sponge to remove large debris. Use a bit of dish soap in warm water to get the sponge soapy. If there are spots of food hardened from cooking, let the spot soak in the soapy water for a few minutes and then wipe off with the sponge.

Step 3

Spray the surface with a cleaner made specifically for ceramic glass surfaces or other non-abrasive cleaner such as a multipurpose window cleaner. You need to follow-up with a glass cleaner because the soapy water will leave streaks.

Step 4

Wipe up the glass spray cleaner with a paper towel, ensuring to dry the entire area to avoid leaving streaks. If the paper towel you use leaves lint behind, then use a dry dishcloth the dry the surface.


  • Do not use any kind of scrubber or abrasive cleaner on the ceramic glass cooktop, as this will leave scratches. Bleach, ammonia and other chemical cleaners can damage the surface, according to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln website.

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