Career-Boosting Resolutions for Moms
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Career-Boosting Resolutions for Moms

January is a time to take a look at the past year and make plans for the year ahead. For career-minded moms, it’s a good time to make resolutions that will lead to success in 2018. Interestingly, nearly 45 percent of Americans say they usually make New Year’s resolutions, mainly for self-improvement. Although many resolutions aren’t kept, it’s important to make career-focused plans that are achievable. Being determined to make this the best year ever in any career is a resolution that is well worth keeping.

Determination to succeed, passion for the process and personal accountability all contribute to being able to stick to a resolution – especially for businesswomen. Focusing a career on learning skills, clear goal setting, purposeful planning, timelines and determination will enable success. Many of us are doing this already as parents, partners and caregivers or family managers!

While making resolutions is as easy as saying them out loud or writing them down, it takes great effort to keep them. For women in business careers, driving for results requires commitment, clarity and an action plan. There are five things to keep in mind when making career resolutions for 2018:

  • Target Results – Create a list of the results you are working to achieve and include specific goals and put benchmarks on the calendar on a monthly or quarterly basis to track your progress.
  • Be Flexible – Make an action-oriented business plan, but don’t “set it in stone.” Plans should be living documents that can be adapted to changing circumstances – especially moms who often have additional responsibilities as the family’s primary caregivers. It’s essential to understand that adjusting to overcome obstacles doesn’t mean failure, they are actually a means of ensuring results.
  • Mind Your State of Mind – Say what you want to achieve out loud to yourself and visualize achieving your goals. Fear can keep us from achieving success. Visualizing success is one way to push past any fears and self-sabotage that might prevent you from working towards your goal.
  • Start Right Away – Start on January 1st to roll out your action plan in a drive for 365 days of results. Make sure that you start checking items off your to-do list from day one and your new year’s resolution will already be moving towards fulfillment. Every milestone achieved matters! Don’t short change yourself in recognizing accomplishments of all sizes.
  • Learning is Earning – Make expanding your knowledge part of your 2018 business plan. Learn new skills that will help you achieve your goals and identify partners and advisors with whom you can collaborate. Using your brainpower is essential because driving for results requires time, mental endurance and resiliency.

As 2018 begins, make it the best year ever for your career by resolving to stay disciplined and determined in your drive for results!


Connie Tang, the first woman president and CEO of Princess House, a kitchenware and home décor company, is bringing the phrase “pay it forward” to new heights by giving entrepreneurial-minded women and men the tools and inspiration to harness fear and live the life they deserve. Born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Connie’s journey to the top executive spot inspired her to write her new book Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values to Breakthrough Success.