Celeb Stylist Sarah Potempa Shares Her Best Hair Tips & Tricks
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Celeb Stylist Sarah Potempa Shares Her Best Hair Tips & Tricks

Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa is one of the best in the business–seriously, this busy lady has worked with A-listers like Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart and Lea Michele. But as a new mom herself, she knows that not everyone can afford to spend hours on their hair. Luckily, we had the chance to snag this expert for an interview and get some exclusive tips on hair care, accessories and some quick and easy styles that look great throughout the day! Check it out below:

ModernMom: What are some easy and casual hairstyles for busy moms?

Sarah Potempa:  Buns–to create a stylish messy bun that lasts, create two ponytails then twist hair and pin to add texture and width to the bun. Braids–to add style to any look, consider a hidden braid (small braids underneath), a cool 2 strand braid across the hairline like a headband, or a loose braid that hangs by the side of your head. Make sure to add Aussie’s NEW Anti-Frizz Cream before you braid to leave the hair shiny and frizz free for up to 24 hours! Ponytails are also great in extremes so focus on either a super sleek look with or a super textured look when pulling your hair into a pony.

MM: How do you find time for your morning beauty routine with a new baby?

SP: With a new baby at home, I found it hard to figure out the best routine. In the very beginning, I focused on deep conditioning and accepted a sleek bun as my new favorite style. Pairing it with earrings was the best way to dress up the look. Once you get back to your normal routine of working out or just getting out of the house, it’s time to re-evaluate your style. I found the little things made a huge difference, like adding a cute headband to a messy bun or pulling my natural waves into a half-up style.

The one tool that really cuts down time and makes me feel like I have style is a blow-dryer with brush attachments, combined with the Aussie NEW Anti-Breakage Spray, to help those fine new hairs stay healthy. Now I can do a quick 5-minute polished blow-dry while my son is napping!

MM: How often should women wash and condition their hair?

SP: Depending on a couple factors, such as your workout routine, hair texture, and product use, women can customize how often they need to wash and condition their hair. The great thing is that the production of oil in the scalp will adjust based on how often you shampoo. If you wash your hair everyday, the body will think it needs to produce more oil to make up for the loss of natural oils needed to moisturize the follicle. So when you change your routine to every 3 days, the body will take some time, but will adjust to the fact that the oil will be present longer, so it will start producing less.

It is definitely not necessary to wash your hair everyday. If you have dry or color-treated hair, add a small amount of conditioner to the ends in between shampoos to make it easier to comb through. Through this transition try Aussie’s Cleanse & Mend Shampoo and Conditioner, which is meant to specifically cleanse the scalp and condition the ends.

MM: Should we change the way we care for our hair now that summer is upon us?

SP: One of the most important things to do when you are planning on spending time in the sun is to create a protective barrier on the outside layer of the hair. Try spritzing Aussie’s NEW Heat Protecting Shine Spray all over hair before leaving the house. It contains special polymers that add a protective shield to hair, helping to prevent damage and add shine.

When swimming in the pool or in the ocean, I always recommend applying a conditioner to damp hair to protect hair from chlorine and salt. Plus, your hair will feel so smooth and luxurious, instead of knotty and dry.

MM: I generally only have about 5 minutes to deal with my hair in the morning. Do you have any style suggestions?

SP: If you don’t have a lot of time to deal with your hair in the morning, try washing your hair at night and experimenting with buns to sleep in overnight, such as a high bun for a voluminous blowout or multiple buns for chic waves. In the morning, do a quick touch up with a flat iron to smooth fly-aways or add a polished bend. Then to finish the look and keep it looking shiny and smooth all day, apply a dime size of Aussie’s NEW Smoothing Serum to the ends. This serum is one of my favorite products because it’s lightweight but gets the job done without leaving your hair feeling greasy.

MM: By the time work is over, my hair is a mess! How can I make my style last?

SP: A little dry shampoo and a mini-flat iron can be lifesavers at the end of a long workday. Also, carrying a couple of bobby pins can transform flat, dull hair into a trendy, messy side bun or a voluminous half-up style.

MM: What are some hip hair accessories we can try?

SP: I love Collette Malouf’s metallic headbands–they are sophisticated and dressy and can add style to any outfit! I also love a double wrap headband to wear with a messy updo. Zipper headbands from gla.MAR.ous (shopglamarous.com…which has tons of amazing, cool hair accessories) are also very cool and unique, but much more casual.

Believe it or not, men’s summer hats are also very chic with beachy waves! One last accessory I love is a vintage broach clip…looks amazing on the side of a low bun and great for a night out.

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