3 Great Ways To Green Your Kid’s Old Jeans
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3 Great Ways To Green Your Kid’s Old Jeans

What’s worse than having to replace your kid’s favorite pair of Gap jeans? Sure, maybe they’re old or stained or tattered or whatever, but your kids love the way they feel! How will you ever find another pair that fits them as well?! Don’t fret! One word can help you overcome the task of buying new jeans and trying to save your old, beloved pair: RECYCLE.

Turn them into seasonal attire

That’s right, you can recycle your kid’s old jeans to  try to suck every last drop of wearability out of them. One thing I love to do is reinvent their favorite pants for warmer weather. Cut off the pants to make them into shorts or capris. To hide a raw cut (let’s be real, I don’t have the steady scissor-holding hand of a master seamstress) I always leave a little extra length at the bottom to roll them up once or twice so they don’t look like I just attacked them with a pair of shears. For shorts, roll them up about an inch; for capris, I prefer a larger cuff of about 3 inches. The great thing about recycling your pants like this is that they still fit the hips and waist in the same way.

Pick them apart

Another way to recycle is what I call the turkey method. On Thanksgiving many people put all the parts of the turkey (even the gross parts like the organs!) to different uses. Well, you can channel your inner chef and use many parts of your kids old jeans in the same way. Saving the button at the top of the fly is a great way to prevent a minor meltdown if one pops off another pair of pants unbeknownst to you. You can also save the denim to use for patches when your child gets a hole or rip in another pair.

Give them away

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that your kid’s beloved jeans will be put to good use after they’ve made you happy for so long is to donate them. Besides giving them to friends or family, there are many places that would be happy to take them off your hands. Organizations like the Salvation Army take all kinds of donations, and others that operate more like second-hand shops (some can be really nice!) will pay you back a certain percentage of what they plan on selling it for. It might be hard to see them go, but rest assured they’ll go to a good home!

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