How to Mend Holey Jeans!
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How to Mend Holey Jeans!

The following is a guest post from Katie Richardson, founder of

How often do you come across a pair of jeans with holes that need mending? Check out the fastest, easiest and cutest way to patch your kids’ jeans without having to use a straight pin!

Just follow the steps below and you’ll have a new pair of pants in no time!

1. Cut a patch out of old jeans that are in your Goodwill/thrift pile. Make sure the patch is wider and taller than the hole by about 3″ on the top and bottom, and about 2″ on the left and right side.

2. You are patching the underside of the jeans, not the outside where it would be visible. So turn the holey jeans inside-out and line the outside of the patch with iron-on tape (you can get this at most craft stores). Put the tape in between the patch and the jeans making sure the tape is completely covered by the patch. Then, using a very hot iron, “glue” the patch to the jeans by ironin over the patch. (Be sure to not let the tape touch your hot iron or it will melt onto the metal and goop up your iron.)

3. Once the patch has cooled, turn pants right-side out. Slide the pant leg onto your sewing machine and get it oriented any way you can. Make sure you are only sewing through one side of the jeans and not sewing them shut! Begin sewing down the patch in a zig-zag pattern, going forward and then reversing. Make sure you sew past the hole so it is nice and secure.

4. There… you’re done! Wasn’t that easy? Now stand back and admire your work because you just saved yourself $25+ and a trip to the store.

Just look at you. You’re so resourceful!


Katie Richardson is the founder of, a company that focuses on “simplifying parenthood” with easy-to-use products for parents.

Her products have been featured in several major magazine publications like Parenting, Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Newborn and the Daily Candy.

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