Decorating Tips for Kids’ Rooms
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Decorating Tips for Kids’ Rooms

When decorating your child’s room, you want to give your child the opportunity to express herself and make a room she enjoys and is comfortable in. At the same time, you probably don’t want to spend the money or the time redecorating every year as your child’s interests change. You can accomplish the goal of a designing a creative room that grows with your child and save money doing so by keeping a few things in mind.

Make Space to Play

While you may be tempted to buy all the different types of kids furniture, rugs and other d?cor available for kids rooms, hold back on buying items that are not necessary. The more stuff in your kid’s bedroom, the less room they have to play, read or do homework. Keep the middle of the room as clear as possible so your child has room to spread out when playing, reading or working on projects.

Avoid Characters

Avoiding a favorite and popular cartoon character, such as princesses or Thomas the Train, may be challenging when decorating a young child’s room. However, you want to choose a theme that will grow with your child. Since a 3-year-old is not likely to still love Thomas the Train in a few years, a generic train theme may last longer. For a girl who wants princesses, steer her toward a feminine theme that she will not think is for babies in a few years.

Use Basic Furniture

Furniture can last until your child goes to college, sometimes beyond that. If you want the furniture to grow with your child, then the furniture should not be part of the decoration or theme of the room. That pirate ship bed or train theme toddler bed may seem adorable now for your young child, but in a few years you will find yourself spending money on another furniture set. Your pre-teen or teenager may not have the same appreciation for his pirate ship bed.

Be Thrifty

Wall d?cor, shelves and other extras complete the look of a kid’s room, but they also add to the expense. Since these items are not essential to the use of the room, this is where you can save money. Shop garage sales, online auction sites and thrift shops for your child’s room d?cor. You will find bargains on items that look almost new because they were just hanging on the wall of another child’s room. This way, you can also change the wall d?cor easily and cheaply as your child’s interests and tastes change.

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