Family Link App To Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time
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Family Link App To Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Family Link app from Google and the Mom it Forward Influencer Network and all opinions are mine.

It seems like no matter what I do I can’t catch a break.  I have little time to sleep, and less time to run around and make sure the girls aren’t on their tablets or phones longer than the allowed time. And even worse is the monitoring that has to occur to ensure they are doing homework instead of playing on their electronic devices. Navigating technology of tweens is hard enough when life is running smoothly, but when mom feels overwhelmed, it leads to a ridiculous amount of family conflict and frustration.

Kids take advantage of extra screen time and download apps that look interesting (which may not be appropriate) when mom isn’t monitoring. I was looking at my daughter’s tablet and let’s say there were a few apps on there I was NOT comfortable with her seeing. They weren’t anything crazy, but she is too young to download apps that aren’t parent approved. I mean, there is that dating app with the cute blue fish… Uh no. Not appropriate.

Oh, or let’s talk about the time my daughter spent $152 dollar on in app purchases for a game she likes. Sure I let her play the game, but I would never let her spend that kind of money on cute fairy dresses or whatever it was she purchased. She did this without me knowing which makes me wonder (and shudder) about what else they are seeing that I’m unaware of? Scary thought, right? That’s why I love the Family Link app from Google.

The Family Link app is a life saver in my house and helps reduce my stress level a TON. And, between you and me, keeping track of everyone’s online time is sort of fun. This app is a tool that allows parents to manage the kinds of content their kids are seeing, amount of time they use their devices, and also gives a starting point to teach the kids how to have a healthy relationship with technology. This app is great for young kids, tweens, and teens. If they are online (which I’m sure they are), then you will definitely want to download the Family Link app.

This app from Google has helped me keep my stress levels in check by allowing me to know what my kids are doing online from my phone.

Manage the time your kids are on their device
With the Family Link app you can control how long your kids are online by setting daily limits for each day of the week. Once their time is up, BAM – I lock their device. Plus you can set bedtimes for each day of the week so it does not distract kids when they should be sleeping.

Know what apps they are using
You can approve or deny any apps your kids download with a simple click! This is an awesome feature. They get a notification that your approval is required and you get an alert asking if you want to approve it or not. Love it! And you can even tell which apps they are using most.

Lock their device
My favorite is that I can lock the app whenever I need to.

Kids are not doing homework! BAM, lock device from my phone.

Kids are not cleaning their rooms like they are supposed to, BAM, no more social media. I can even tell my Google Assistant to lock their device.

The kids hate it, but man I think it’s fantastic. I feel like I can keep up with my kids and even have a little fun doing it.  

Know where your kids are
Another great feature the Family Link app offers is you can find your child’s location if you need to. My kids walk home from school by themselves and with this app I know when they left school and I can see where they are while they walk home.

The Family Link app from Google is an awesome tool for parents but I think it’s important to mention it is not meant to replace the conversation. So be sure and talk to your kids about why you are monitoring their online usage. It will help them learn to have a healthier relationship with technology.