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How to Locate a Child Who Was Adopted

If you put a child up for adoption and now want to locate that child, you are not alone. The trend for birth parents seeking their now-adult children is on the rise, ever since 2004, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Adoption laws protect the privacy of minor children in every state. But, once the adopted child becomes an adult, you can conduct a search.

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How Fetal Exposure to Pesticides Can Lower Your Child’s IQ

A childs IQ can be affected by the amount of pesticides their mother is exposed to while pregnant. High amounts of exposure to certain pesticides while pregnant have been linked to lower IQs in school-aged children. The harmful pesticide is organophosphates. Its commonly found on berries, green beans, and other various fruits and vegetables. Outside of the grocery store, the pesticide is often used in homes and gardens.