Take Back Our Time… And Laundry Room
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Take Back Our Time… And Laundry Room

The following post is a sponsored conversation for Tide® HE Turbo Clean and written by Home Grown Families.

We have 6 people in our home that produce on average 8 pieces of laundry per day per person. Let’s all do that math together 8 x 6 = 48, then add in towels, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, wash cloths, and miscellaneous laundry to include ever sooo stinky soccer socks, jerseys, and gymnastics leotards…….put it all together and you are looking at A TON of laundry. On a daily basis, I am lucky if I am able to complete 3 loads of laundry which of course does not even begin to dent the laundry room. Honestly people, honestly. Was I created to spend my days laboring over dirty laundry?

Last year, we upgraded to new HE washers with a high load capacity (on avg 40% larger drums) and set out to have a normal laundry routine. While I am getting MORE laundry washed on a daily basis, it is still taking up my precious time that I really should be using to play with those little dirty laundry makers. Apparently, Tide thought my time would be better spent with my family too, as their new Tide® HE Turbo Clean™ is designed to save time and water with it’s new technology!

Tide HE Turbo Clean

Tide® HE Turbo Clean™ has a low sudsing formula that is specifically designed for HE washers. This technology has quick-collapsing suds that help prevent HE Machines from running additional rinse cycles. Those extra rinse cycles to clear the suds can amount to up to 25 minutes ( x 3 loads= 1 hr and 15 mins!) and up to 10 gallons of wasted water.  A single cap of Tide® HE Turbo Clean™ in the quick wash cycle cleans just as well as 6 cups of competitor detergent in normal wash cycle. It does 6X the power in half the time. You will never hear a Mom complain about having more time in the day! That’s 1 hour more to read to my kids, to brush my hair, maybe even nap. It’s time to take back our time…….and take back our laundry room!

Check out this awesome video from the What’s Up Mom, as they stand up against time being wasted on dirty laundry!

YouTube video

If you’re a Tide Pod lover…..no worries~ the Tide® HE Turbo Clean™ is available in liquid, powder, and the ever so popular Pods.. Tell your friends. Moms should never let other Moms use high sudsing detergent. Let’s conquer laundry and start spending that extra time where it matters the most.

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