How to Dress Thin During Pregnancy

While nothing that you can do will stop you from growing out of your favorite pair of pants as you progress through your pregnancy, this requisite growth doesn’t mean that you have to look more than pleasantly plump. By putting some thought into your maternity wardrobe, you can minimize the appearance of your bump and keep yourself looking shapely throughout your nine months.

Step 1

Pick simple solids over bold prints. While bold prints might prove tempting, if you attempt to stretch one of these busy fabrics over your growing baby bump, you will likely make it look larger. Select solids, particularly in shirts. If you feel that you must use a print to dress up your look, place this print on your lower half.

Step 2

Wear darks on top. Instead of wearing dark pants with a white top, give your look a switcheroo and place your light on the bottom. These dark outfit toppers will reduce the degree to which your belly captures attention.

Step 3

Buy billowing looks. Looks that hug your curves leave nothing to the imagination and may make your belly look even fuller. Instead of tight tops, pick looks with extra fabric in the midsection so they can flow loosely over your growing belly.

Step 4

Select pants that fit in the legs. While loose is likely a want in your maternity pants’ waistband, extra fabric in the legs will do nothing for your figure. When selecting the pants that will get your through your nine months, pick pants that fit in the legs. If you can’t quite find pants that fit as you like, invest a bit of money and have a pair or two tailored to fit your special pregnant shape.

Step 5

Belt your look. Instead of allowing fabric to flow over you, add a belt to your fashions to draw attention to the parts of you that remain slender. For most women, this slender section rests right below the bust. By belting your look in this location, you can highlight that fact that, while pregnant, you do still have a shape.

Step 6

Wear attention-getting accessories. Accessories can grab the eye and draw attention to your glowing pregnant face. Choose big necklaces or uncommonly attractive earrings to accomplish this goal.



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