How to Work Out With the Wii

If the weather outside is frightful or you are just unable to make it out to the gym, a Wii workout may be your best option. You can work out in the privacy of your home and challenge yourself by the variety of workouts the system has to offer. Never regret missing a day at the gym when you can work out in your own living room.

Step 1

Rent a selection of Wii workout games from your local video store or borrow some from a friend before you invest in one. Every game has a slightly different exercise focus and is made for different skill sets and proficiencies. Trying out a selection will help you decide which one is best for you.

Step 2

Put on tennis shoes and clear plenty of space in front of your TV. Wearing shoes will help ensure that you don’t slip. Even on carpet or the soft floors of your home, you risk slipping while you are jumping around and exercising.

Step 3

Try each game, and follow the recommendations on the screen. Take breaks when you are encouraged and drink plenty of water. Even in the coolness of your home, you may perspire. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated.

Step 4

Follow each exercise as prescribed on the game. Don’t try to make it harder than it is presented, at the risk of injuring yourself. If you find a game to be too easy or not challenging, try other games and brands. Don’t give up until you find one that makes you sweat and that is challenging and fun. Follow the sequence in the game, starting with a slow warm-up, an aerobic or weightlifting session and ending with a cool down. Don’t jump all over the game, as you need that sequence to keep your body stretched and limber.

Step 5

Stop at the end of the game, cycle or training period. Remember that your home workout may not be as strenuous as the one you get at the gym. Also at the gym you have experts to keep an eye on you. Don’t overdo it as you can risk injury or fatigue. Come back to the game later if you are ready for more.



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