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How to Treat Hives in Children

When your child gets hives, which are raised, red rashes on his skin for the first time, it can be a startling experience. Most cases of hives are harmless, though, and last for a few hours or days at most. They tend to itch. Your primary concern may be keeping your child from scratching and soothing the itchiness. If your child’s hives do not vanish within a few days or if he suddenly has trouble breathing, take him to the doctor for examination and treatment.

Step 1

Wet the washcloth with cool water and wring it out. Apply the washcloth the area with hives to help soothe the itch.

Step 2

Give your child a bath to wash away any allergens that may be causing the hives. Add 1 cup or so of oatmeal to the bath to relieve any itching.

Step 3

Apply anti-itch cream to the hives, and tell your child not to scratch or pick at the hives.

Step 4

Give the child an antihistamine suitable for his age. Keep in mind that some antihistamines will make your child drowsy, so you may want to give it to him right before bed.

Step 5

Dress your child in loose cotton clothing that doesn’t rub against the hives. Fabrics, such as wool, can irritate hives.

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