5 Ways for Kids to Wear Jeans


Denim is so versatile, ya know what I mean? You can dress it up or dress it down and wear it with a million things. But for your kids, the potential for this one pair of pants is limitless — a parent’s dream jeans, you could say! Here are five simple ways to spice up your kiddo’s denim.

Roll ‘Em Up!

A few weeks ago I was in a bind. It wasn’t really warm, but at the same time it wasn’t super cold either. For the upper half of the body, we have lots of options. How ’bout a cute sweater or flouncy scarf? Perfect! But what do you wear on your legs in a situation like this? Answer: slip on your favorite pair of jeans and simply roll them up a few times. Not only do they provide the perfect balance on a sunny day that turns into a chilly one, but they’re also super cute. Flipping up the bottom hem once or twice can make the pants look totally different, and best of all, tolling can be done to jeans of just about any cute. Now, I’ve been raving about how this tip can revolutionize your wardrobe, but it works like a charm on your kids’ pants, too!

Chop ‘Em Off!

One of my favorite trends that has carried over from last summer is the cutoff short. I’m not talking full-on Daisy Dukes, but something a little more toned down since we don’t all have supermodel legs! If you have a pair of favorite pants that have gotten too short after being washed so many times, or even just a pair that you don’t mind sacrificing for the next three months of summer heat, you’re good to go. Put them on and make a little mark in pencil where you want to cut them (a.k.a. how short or long you’d like them to be). Then take them off and cut then along the long you just made. But wait! If you want to add a hint of flavor, cut them off about an inch below (longer than) the line and then roll the bottom up once or twice. Voila! Summery and Shylock shorts that fit and feel like your favorite pants! For kids, use the same easy trick. Just imagine: your 4-year-old’s tiny jeans turned into teensy shorts…precious!

Stretch Those Legs!

No, extra long jeans on your daughter are not to give her leeway for her 4-inch heels. The extra length is for style as well as functionality. On a practical note, buying jeans a little longer than needed will ease the transition of growing out of one pair of jeans and into a new size. As your child’s legs get longer, the jeans will accommodate this growth until he or she cannot fit into the waist of the pants any longer and new jeans are needed. Until that point however, you can scrunch up the extra long pants at the ankle for a cool look, roll them up as mentioned above, or just stuff them into a pair of boots.

Here Come the Jewels!

Embellished jeans on kids are about the cutest thing ever. You can buy them in stores where each jewel will be perfectly placed, or you can DIY for a fun craft that even your kid can help with! Using super-tough craft glue (make sure it will stick to fabrics), glue on gems and jewels or ribbons or bows…anything that will look cute yet still be functional. You can also draw or write things on the denim with permanent markers.

Scratch ‘Em Up!

Distressed denim has been in style for a few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Kids pull off the distressed look great — for one, because they tend to look cute in anything, and also because they usually destroy clothes with repeated use anyway! Although it’s not the traditional look for tots, don’t feel weird about letting your young child in on this beloved denim trend!



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