How to Get Sexy, Defined Lips!
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How to Get Sexy, Defined Lips!

Every woman needs to know how to play up certain facial features — eyes, cheeks and certainly, lips! Whether you’ve got thin lips like Kate Hudson or thick lips like Angelina Jolie, this is definitely one feature that could get you noticed, if you play it up the right way. Here are some tips on how to get sexy, defined lips:

Step 1

Exfoliate! Soft lips are key for proper application so make sure you exfoliate beforehand and apply a nourishing lip balm for added protection. You can make your own scrub quickly and easily at home: mix 2 tablespoons of sugar and some honey into a small bowl, until the consistency is thick and creamy. Mix it well and dab it on your lips. Leave this on your lips, for a minute. Now, gently rub it back and forth with a wet washcloth. Rinse and voila – sensually soft lips!

Step 2

Use a lip liner close to your lipstick shade. Especially if you’re wearing a bright pout like red. Visible lip liner that’s a different shade from your lipstick is so 1990s!

Step 3

Make sure your lip liner is sharp to achieve a finer line. Start at the middle and line towards the corners of your mouth. To make this step easier, dot the corner of your mouth first then dot the middle (lower lip) next connect the dots.

Step 4

Grab a lip brush to apply lipstick or apply directly but, dot it on or use a circular motion. Also, use your brush to smooth out your liner after applying the lipstick.

Step 5

Wipe the corners of your lips with a napkin to get rid of any color on the edges and you’re done! You have now achieved irresistible lips!

About the Author

Having three children, Cyvia Lewis genuinely understand the demands of motherhood, chaotic schedules, lack of “me time” and the underlying constant fatigue. As a professional makeup artist, she has been trained to understand and enhance facial features, conceal imperfections and educate clients on makeup application. With these two qualities, she is able to listen to the needs of her clients and has the ability to visualize and create a beautiful new style while maintaining an individual look. She thrives on sharing her knowledge and creativity.

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