10 Spring Loves And A New Spring Coffee Blend From Starbucks You’ll Love Too!


This post comes from Theresa Huse, founder of the crafty inspired living site Dear Creatives:

What’s not to love about spring?! Nature is bounding with
joy! Birds returning to the area creating songs of bliss. Flowers popping up
from a winter’s planting. Rose buds blooming ever so gently unfolding as each
day goes on. Yes, spring weather can be a little flighty but it’s warming up.

We are lacing up our shoes and getting outdoors again! Longer days that are
sometimes fuller than the holidays with all the activities we try to balance
into them. Today, I am sharing all that things that make me fall in love with
spring over and over each year, along with a new favorite spring coffee blend.


1. Enjoying the longer days for taking walks with my dog (and Sammie of course)

2. Grabbing my camera to head outdoors after a rain to take
photographs of nature

3. Taking my sketchbook to the park to draw and write in while
Sammie swings

4. Flying a kite on a windy afternoon

5. Heading to the beach on a short school day or for a full day
on the weekend

6. Opening up the blinds and letting the full sun shine right
through the windows (except for seeing the sills that need cleaning)

7. Knowing that I can hit the open road for day trips and weekend trips now that the weather is nice again

8. Going to the library with Sammie to get new books to read
outside on the hammock

9. Having family gatherings where we enjoy the backyard and

10. Finding a new blend of coffee perfect for spring!

Speaking of spring and coffee have you tried the new Starbucks® Spring Blend?  You know how much I love
coffee, honestly I can’t start the day without it and sometimes enjoy a pick me
up in the afternoon of my favorite blend. When I am home alone, I don’t brew a
full pot. I reserve that for when I share a pot with the Mr. or have my friends
or family over.

It’s just me and my French press with a kitchen full of
ideas and never enough time! I am the consummate multi-tasker. In the spring
you’ll find me going for walks in the morning and finding the perfect flowers
to bring home and take photographs of. As I get back indoors, I love to boil
the kettle of water for a fresh French pressed coffee.

It is so easy. Thanks to Starbucks® for the Spring coffee blend samples to review and sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I just grabbed my bag of Spring ground coffee, measured and poured the grounds
into the bottom of the French press and added the water to just below the top
of the metal casing. Next you just close the press but, don’t plunge until it
has been about 3-4 minutes. Then push down your plunger. Turn to spout opening
and pour into your cup.

If you have never used a French press you should try it
sometime. You will get the most flavor from your grounds. Note: Grounds need to
be a bit coarser. I found the pre-ground Spring worked well for my little one
cup press. No matter how you enjoy your coffee you will enjoy the flavors of

Starbucks® Spring Blend is a lively, well balanced coffee. Latin
American and East African coffee beans give it juicy notes and a medium body.
This coffee pairs well with buttery shortbread and early harvest berries. A
perfect complement to any spring gathering you may have.

You might enjoy my Strawberry Pound Cake recipe or my Shortbread Cookies Recipe to go with with Starbucks® Spring Blend. They would make the perfect pairing and are easily made for your spring treats. Why don’t you give the Spring blend a try with your springtime gatherings? If you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Learn more about Starbucks® Spring Blend Coffee here. 



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