San Diego Zoo’s Super Addictive (Educational) Tiger Trail Game


Do your kids love to swipe your phone to play games? Next time they reach for your gadget, download “Tiger Trail,” the latest iOS app from The San Diego Zoo Safari Park and RED Interactive.

The game introduces the exotic world of the Sumatran tiger – a critically endangered species facing various threats in their natural environment, the most serious of which is poaching.


Players have to guide their tiger around traps while also collecting food and power-ups to build strength.

Sounds easy enough, until you get to Level 2 and your tiger keeps getting stuck in the same trap, over and over and oh my god, why isn’t he faster? Suddenly you’re grappling with a guilty conscience over how many tigers you’ve killed in the past ten minutes…

Think of it as an educational alternative to Candy Crush :)

Tiger Trail was launched to celebrate the opening of the Tull Family Tiger Trail exhibit which debuts at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Memorial Day 2014.

“We hope this game inspires players to learn more about tigers, share their knowledge, and spur them to join the fight to help save this endangered species,” said Debra Erickson, Director of Communications and Interpretation for San Diego Zoo Global.

Download the free game from the App Store or visit to play the desktop version online. 



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