How to Make Scented Body Lotion


Scented body lotion can be expensive and may contain irritants or allergens. You can easily make your own scented lotions, either to use yourself or give as gifts. It is easy to customize homemade scented body lotion to your specific needs, whether you prefer something light or a heavy moisturizer. Reuse lotion bottles you already have or buy attractive containers to hold your scented body lotion and make a pretty bathroom display. Choose the fragrances you love and the lotions that work best for your skin when you make your own scented body lotion.

Step 1
Purchase an unscented lotion base. You can buy lotion bases from soap making suppliers or simply opt for a bottle of unscented lotion from your local discount or department store. Choose a lotion that will work well with your skin chemistry, whether you need a very light lotion or a heavier moisturizer. You may want to make scented body lotion in a heavier formulation for winter and a lighter one for summer, or make several in different scents.

Step 2
Choose fragrance or essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from plants and can be less potentially irritating or allergenic. You can also buy a wide variety of fragrance oils, ranging from oils made to use as perfumes to oils made for scenting toiletries. Be sure that the fragrance oil you choose is made for use on the skin as opposed to as a room fragrance. Avoid alcohol- or water-based perfumes when you intend to use the fragrance to make a scented lotion.

Step 3
Make sure that your containers are clean. If you are using a commercial lotion, the preservatives in the lotion will prevent bacterial growth, so sterilization is not required. You can reuse containers you already have, use the original lotion container or purchase lotion bottles of various sorts. Wash out your containers well with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Step 4
Pour your lotion into a large mixing bowl. Add fragrance or essential oil. Allow for approximately 1/4 to 1/2 oz. of fragrance or essential oil per 16 oz. of lotion. Use a whisk or non-absorbent spoon to mix your lotion thoroughly. You can also add FDA approved colorants at this time.

Step 5
Use a funnel to bottle your lotion into an easy-to-use pump bottle or another suitable container. Enjoy your new scented body lotion.


  • Choose a good quality lotion to avoid problems with separation and spoilage.
  • Be certain that the lotion you choose is truly unscented and not just lightly fragranced.
  • Look for hypoallergenic lotions and choose essential oils if you are sensitive to fragrances and chemicals.

Check out trhe video below to learn how make Lotion from scratch:



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