Breathwork And How it Changed My Life
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Breathwork And How it Changed My Life

Do you feel stagnant in your life, or maybe stuck and ready to let go of the old and shift into the new? Are you as creative as you want to be, or do you hide because you are afraid to be seen? Do you feel deep down there’s more for you? Are you listening to your soul calling? Have you felt overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts? Do you know how to listen to your body, your divine wisdom within? Do you notice excessive exhaustion or stress? Do you stay in a loop more often than you’d like? Do you know that you are absolutely here for MORE? Are you ready to step into and EMBODY your authentic self? If you answered YES, then get ready to SHIFT & EXPAND through your Divine Breath!

Why did breathwork change my life?

Well as a mama of now three little ones, being able to show up as the most healed version of myself is such a blessing. Before I was a mama of three and I was just becoming a new mama almost 6 years ago now, I went through very heavy postpartum depression and anxiety after a traumatic birth experience. 42 hours that led to a c section.

That trauma unearthed a lot more trauma and stored emotions in my body.
Which led me on a holistic healing journey and soul searching.

I began with mindset work, gratitude practices, journaling, cognitive therapy, nlp, meditation, many modalities.

They worked pretty well to be honest, till they didn’t. And what I mean by that is mindset worked until it didn’t work.

2020 rolled around and turned my life upside down as a wife and pregnant mama & raising a toddler in a crazy world.
I honestly got down on my hands and knees in full surrender moment, God please help me. I thought I was healing and doing well and now I’m spinning out again, more than ever before.

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Enter Breathwork.

I prayed and my prayers were answered. I got introduced online to breathwork and with my first session, I felt like 20 lbs. of emotional weight was gone.
Life changing. I dove head first into this work and continued to be facilitated online and did sessions. I was able to cultivate inner peace through my entire pregnancy regardless the outside world and all that I was being told.

Fast forward time to give birth and I wanted a vbac ( vaginal birth after a c section) and by using breathwork during labor, I was able to move past my bodys physically stored trauma and I shift my consciousness so that I could not only release but be in a space of peace.

My daughter got stuck at the end like my first daughter did, and I was able to have awareness to make the shift and stay peaceful instead of going into fight or flight and panicking.

By using deep breathwork, nervous system regulation and a sound body and mind, my daughter was born via vaginal birth, 9 lbs 3 oz, even bigger than my first daughter and I was in disbelief. This moment changed my entire life and perspective, honestly, on our bodies, our minds, the spiritual realm and I felt so called to share this work. I even had my son in 2022 via home birth and my breath carried me through. This is why I got certified, well and many other reasons and why it changed my life.



Regulating your nervous system is the key to it all.

I am convinced that is why we were divinely made with our breath, not just to survive but to actually thrive. As mothers we deserve to thrive in all areas of our lives.

Regulating your nervous system is the first step to that thriving. To the receiving, to our wholeness. We can operate from an authentic state vs an unregulated nervous system and we aren’t even showing up as our authentic self.

Regulate and you’ll be in your realest state and you’ll love who that is even more and your children will receive you this way too.

It’s such a gift and I’m grateful to share and serve and help other moms heal in this space too.

Not sure where to start? Join my 22 day challenge! “Ali’s Breathwork Challenge really improved the quality of my life. Each day that I participated in the breathwork coaching I felt lighter, calmer, and had more clarity. I don’t always take the time to do my daily breathwork, but Ali’s challenge, along with her Breathe & B app has made it easy to do and a game changer.” I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance the quality of their day to day life.”

There’s an app for that. You can expect to find different breath work exercises from a certified and trauma informed practitioner Ali Levine, as well as visualizations, meditations, journaling, community, memberships and much more!

Breathe into your B.E.S.T. Self ( Breathe Embody Surrender Transform) more mindfulness, more calm and overall peace. This app is going to give you that experience you didn’t even realize you need. Try it Free Today!

Discover the Magic of Conscious Breath.

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