How to Wear Leggings in the Winter


The necessities of winter clothing can be a blow to your personal style: Bulky jackets and sweaters hide even the sveltest figure, and the never-ending succession of jeans and heavy pants gets monotonous quickly. One of the best ways to add some flair to your winter wardrobe is with leggings. Wearing leggings in different materials and colors adds individuality to your cold-weather clothing choices, and allows you to wear nontraditional winter garments like skirts and dresses and still stay warm.

Step 1

Choose leggings made of a thick, rather than thin, sheer fabric. Not only will leggings made from thick cotton and cotton blends containing lycra keep out the cold during the winter months better than flimsy fabrics, they will stand up better to repeated wearing and multiple washings. Thick leggings will also provide better shape and support for those less-than-perfect hip, thigh and abdominal areas.

Step 2

Pair leggings with over-sized sweaters and thick, long-sleeved shirts or tunics that are long enough to easily cover your hips and buttocks. Leggings look best when worn with roomy tops. Don’t wear them with short, tight sweaters or shirts that do not cover your buttocks. Likewise, avoid shirts and sweaters that are so long they fall past your mid-thigh region.

Step 3

Choose leggings that are either darker than the colors in your top or in a solid black or dark gray. Leggings in colors lighter than those in your shirt or sweater will make your legs appear thicker and larger than they actually are. Choose longer leggings that reach to just above the ankle to make your legs appear even slimmer.

Step 4

Wear leggings instead of tights beneath dresses that fall either just above or just below the knee. Be certain the leggings match one of the main dark colors in the dress. Leggings can also be used to wear with mini-skirts–especially denim mini-skirts–during the winter months. Pair the mini-skirt with a sweater, layered shirts or a casual sweatshirt.

Step 5

Choose boots with sturdy, low heels. Not only will the boots provide warmth and protection when you’re outside in cold weather, they perfectly complement the snug fit of leggings.

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