Playful Chef Cooking Kit


blog post photoMy kids love to cook, but finding the right kitchen utensils can be a challenge. Little hands and big whisks and spatulas means a big mess in my kitchen. That’s okay, but it would be better if there were high quality, kid sized tools to actually cook real food with, don’t you think?

Letting your kids get hands on experience in the kitchen can lead to a child who understands healthy eating. It is important they learn how to prepare the right foods to keep them fit. 

Playful Chef’s kit includes an apron, 10 tools, and 5 simple nutritious recipes 9 (with illustrations). The simple kid friendly recipe cards are included so mom can help guide without taking over the experience. AThe Playful Chef Cookbook adds another 150 recipes that your kids will love to make.

Playful Chef Cooking Kit $39.98 at

Playful Chef Cookbook $15.98

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