How to Do Hairstyles for Kids


Keep your children looking well-groomed and cared for by styling their hair. You can style your kid’s hair in several ways that do not take too much time and still look nice. If you have a son, you can crop his hair close to his head in a buzz cut or let it grow out a bit so that you can spike it. Young boys can also have their hair styled in a bowl cut or parted to the side if it is longer. Girls have plenty of hairstyle options, from the basic ponytail to more elaborate braids.

Hairstyles for Girls

Step 1

Brush the child’s hair back over her head. Gather the hair in a bunch to make a ponytail. Wrap an elastic around the hair to secure it. Make sure the elastic is tight but not so tight that it gives the child a headache or pulls her hair out.

Step 2

Make pigtails by separating a girl’s hair into two sections, one on each side of her head. Gather one section into a bunch just above her ear. Wrap an elastic around it to secure in place. Repeat with the hair on the other side.

Step 3

Braid a girl’s hair by separating it into three sections. Bring the right section over the middle section, pulling the middle section over to the right. Bring the left section over the middle section (which was previously the right section), pulling the middle section over to the left. Repeat until only about 2 inches of hair remains, then secure the end with an elastic band.

Step 4

Use a barrette or bobby pin to keep hair out of your child’s eyes. Gently brush or comb hair away from your child’s face and tuck it behind her ear. Slide the barrette or bobby pin into the hair to keep it away from the face. Fasten the barrette if needed.

Hairstyles for Boys

Step 1

Rub hair gel onto your hands. Rub your hands through the boy’s hair, gently tousling it and pulling it up. Spiky hair works best on hair that is 1 inch long. Use a comb to make the hairstyle look neat and even.

Step 2

Part the hair to the side to give your child a more formal look and to keep the hair out of his eyes. Gently comb hair to one side of the scalp, making a straight, even part just above one eyebrow. Add a touch of hair gel to hold his hair in place.

Step 3

Use an electric hair clipper to style a boy’s hair into a buzz cut. Carefully pull the clipper over the scalp, trimming the hair to the desired length.

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