Medium Hair Styles for Women Over 40


As you enter middle age, you may find that the hairstyles you wore in your 20s and 30s no longer appeal to you or look as flattering on you as they once did. Changing hairstyles can be a fun adventure or a nerve-wracking event, depending on how you approach it. If you have medium-length hair, several hairstyles will work for you and your lifestyle.


The bob is popular regardless of your age. For women over 40, however, it is almost always a flattering cut. When you get a bob, your hair is cut the same length all over. The are a variety of lengths for a bob haircut. A medium-length bob allows you to wear it down for everyday wear and put it up for more elegant occasions.


The shag remains a popular choice for women over 40, according to the Hairstyles website. The advantage of a shag haircut is that it gives the illusion of volume, which can mean a lot for women who experience overall hair thinning as they get older. A shag haircut involves having different layers of length cut into the hair all over. The style focuses attention on your eyes and lips by framing your face.


Choosing a medium-length tousled look can help cover forehead wrinkles while, at the same time, providing a carefree youthful appearance. Tousled styles for medium hair give you a fun daytime style while providing enough length to put up or french braid for evening or elegant occasions..

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