Cholesterol Drug Lipitor Recalled


A recall has been issued by Pfitzer for 191,000 bottles of the cholesterol drug Lipitor after reports received of a musty odor. The odor's cause? Pesticide-treated pallets. Even though it may sounds dangerous, the company is assuring consumers that there are no expected health problems associated with this offensive odor.

This isn't the first time consumers have heard about pesticides in the pallet, as we saw with the huge Johnson & Johnson recall, which included Tylenol, Motrin and Bendryl. There were no reported health consequences with these drugs, however.

For many, the benefits of a cholesterol-reducing drug outweigh the probably-not-dangerous musty odor. It is unlikely that Lipitor, the world's largest selling prescription drug, or its maker, Pfitzer, will be hurt by this recall.



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