Great Ways to Lose Weight Through Sex


If you’re bored with the gym and at-home workout DVDs just don’t keep you motivated, take advantage of a weight loss routine that keeps you in your bed, snuggled with your spouse a little longer. Sex is celebrated as a great way to lose weight and stay fit. In fact, Forbes states that when aroused, a person’s pulse rate can reach that of an athlete giving his all, ranging from about 70 to 150 beats per minute.

The More Sex, the Better

Share this thrilling news with your spouse: the more sex, the better. Don’t limit your bedroom romps to once a week or even twice a week, Kerry McCloskey, author of “The Ultimate Sex Diet,” suggests couples engage in sex at least three to five times a week. Put the kids in bed early or meet each other at home for a lunch workout that can get you energized and help slim your body.

Size Might Not Matter, But Time Does

While morning “quickies” may be fun and spontaneous, to get weight loss benefits from sex, you have to invest the time you would in a typical cardiovascular workout at the gym. Fox News suggests 30-minute sex sessions with your spouse, citing that you could burn up 200 calories per session.

Get Spicy, Add Variety

Just like with any workout routine, adding variety can maximize results and keep you engaged, and the same applies to sex. Avoid the same boring routines because, let’s face it, missionary position three to five times a week can get dull and leave you less than excited about sex with your spouse.

Visit an adult novelty store and pick up items such as lubricant, how-to guides filled with various positions and sexy lingerie to add some spice to your steamy nights.

Fitness Magazine’s companion site suggests having sex standing, with your spouse lifting you, which uses the core and leg muscles. They also suggests trying the “cowgirl” position, which is likened to riding a horse. This position is ideal for strengthening quads, calves and abs.

Enjoy a Healthy Diet

What you eat has an impact on your energy level and can affect your stamina and endurance in the bedroom. For maximum energy and to make the most out of your bedroom workout routine, enjoy a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein.

Elizabeth M. Ward, MS, RD of WebMD also suggests including chocolate, honey, oysters and garlic in your diet for a spicier sex life.

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