Easy-Care Hairstyles for Thin, Fine Hair


If you are like many women who have thin, fine hair, you probably wish you had a thick, luxurious mane. Rather than wishing for something that is not going to happen, you can learn how to use your fine hair to its best advantage. Once you learn about some easy-care hairstyles for thin, fine hair, you may start to appreciate your strands.


The bob is the classic hairstyle for fine, thin hair. A typical bob is a short cut with the hair straight and ending at the jaw. A bob haircut often has bangs. You can vary your bob to suit your face. You can part it on the side, flip it out, curl it under or tuck your hair behind your ears. Bobs can be a variety of lengths. If you have a round face, a longer bob will slenderize your face, according to the Hair Boutique website. A long face will look good with a bob that has fullness at the bottom.


The chop is a bob with irregular ends. The chop adds some shape and body to your hair, according to the Beauty and the Bath website.


With the cap, bangs are the star attraction. The cap looks best on petite women or women with an oval face. Because the cap is a short cut, you may not want it if you have a prominent nose or ears, according to the Hair Boutique website.


The crop is another short cut. This tapered look, while good for fine hair, may not look good on women who are older than 45. The tapered look does not flatter the neck or chin. It does draw attention to your eyes, though, which you may want.

Lightly Layered Mid-Length

If you don’t want short hair, you can have a nice medium-length layered cut that hits you at the shoulder or just below. You need to make sure you get regular trims with this longer haircut to keep the ends from becoming flyaway. This cut has a gentle angle rather than severe layers, which tend to make your hair look thinner.

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