How to Become a Hand Model


If you had a nickel for every time someone commented on the attractiveness of your hands, you would be wealthy. People point to your hands as an example of perfection. If only you could turn those hands into an income, things would be great. Understanding the steps to becoming a hand model will help you avoid the pitfalls and help you see a clear-cut path.

Step 1

Evaluate your hands to be sure the skin is perfectly clear and free of blemishes, marks and freckles. Hands that have blemishes are typically disqualified from being used in commercials, movies and advertisements that require flawless hands. On the rare occasion that a non-perfect hand is needed for a specific shot or photo, there are usually plenty of people on set that can step in for the moment, according to the Modeling Advice website.

Step 2

Get a professional manicure to showcase your nails. Once the nails are manicured, have some portfolio photographs of your hands taken. You don’t need to spend money to have a professional photograph take the photos. Have a friend take them with whatever camera is available. The professional agents will know by looking at them and viewing your actual hands whether you have what it takes to be a hand model. Looking through magazines and paying close attention to hands in commercials can give you several ideas for hand poses when putting your portfolio shots together.

Step 3

Take your portfolio to several agents who specialize in representing hand models. You can use several methods to locate agents. Ask friends who are already in the business. Contact the local chamber of commerce and request a membership listing to see if agents are members of that group. You can look in the Yellow Pages or websites, such as Hello Local, where you can plug in your ZIP code and find a list of local agents in your area. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to uncover and discard any agencies that have developed bad reputations.

Step 4

Choose an agent from those you have interviewed and those who have shown an interest in representing you. Choose an agent that does not charge you any money outside a percentage of the work that you secure through the agency.

Step 5

Take care of your hands at all times so that you do not get an injury, just as your agent calls with an audition or a job. Use hand lotions to keep them soft. Ideally, you should avoid chores, such as doing dishes or yard work. If that is not possible, invest in some gloves and use them at all times when you do house or yard work.

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