Tips on Fast Hair Growth
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Tips on Fast Hair Growth

Changing your hairstyle can provide a new look and feel. Coloring, highlighting and straightening take only as long as waiting for an appointment with your stylist. Going from a long hairstyle to a shorter one also takes little time. However, changing your style by growing your hair out takes plenty of patience. Certain styling routines and techniques can cause your hair to break, increasing the amount of time it takes to grow long locks. Properly care for your hair and your health to promote quick hair growth.

Diet and Nutrition

Improving your diet may help promote hair growth. Like the rest of your body, your hair can suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Consume a well-balanced diet that includes green vegetables, nuts, fruits, legumes, dairy products and whole grains. Foods that contain protein, such as fish, eggs and seeds, may also promote healthy hair growth. Avoid substances that may produce a harmful effect on your overall health, such as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and high amounts of fat and sugar. These may negatively affect your hair growth.

Handle With Care

Promote fast hair growth by treating your hair with respect. Avoid styles that pull or twist your hair, causing it to break off. Tight hairstyles, such as buns, braids and ponytails can damage your hair, increasing the amount of time it takes to grow long. Gently squeeze and pat moisture from damp hair, rather than wringing or scrubbing dry with a rough towel.


The Mayo Clinic advises you to allow your hair to dry naturally. Although time constraints may make it necessary to use heat appliances from time to time, proper use can minimize the damage from these tools. Apply a thermal protective product to your hair prior to blow drying your damp hair. Adjust the heat setting to a low temperature when using heated appliances, including straightening irons, curling irons and blow dryers.

Relax and Renew

Stress, as well as illness, may affect the growth of your hair. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, psychological stress can affect the levels of your sex hormones and your thyroid, possibly leading to hair loss. Incorporate relaxing activities in your life, such as yoga, guided imagery or prayer. Treat yourself to a relaxing scalp massage at least once each week. This type of massage can help you unwind and may help promote stimulation near the hair follicles.

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