Pets Helping Out Around The House


This week’s Cuteness Overload is dedicated to Humphrey, an adorable chocolate lab who really needs to start pulling his weight around the house.

I hate to say it but the guy is a total deadbeat. For the past seven years, he’s been unemployed and crashing rent-free on my friend Stacy’s couch.

Last weekend, we ordered pizza and (as usual) he didn’t even offer to chip in. “Ok,” I thought. “Maybe he’s just not hungry.”  But then he stared at us the ENTIRE time we ate until everyone was uncomfortable.

Stacy is always making excuses: “He’s not sure what he wants to do with his life.” “It’s hard to find work in this economy.” “He doesn’t have opposable thumbs.”

Well Humphrey, I think it’s time for some tough love.  Here are a few pets who could show you a thing or two about helping out around the apartment.  Hint, hint.

1. This dog helps his owner mop the floor. Hey Humph, why not try this instead of barking at the vacuum cleaner?

via PetTubedotcom

2. And speaking of vacuum cleaners…

3. While I’ve noticed you like to eat the treats that come home from the grocery store, I’ve also noticed that I’ve never seen you volunteer to go shopping. Take a note from this rabbit:

Image credit: Facebook/iammrmarx


4. Ok, I’ll admit this one didn’t end well, but I’m going to give this dog credit because at least he TRIED to assist with unloading the dishwasher. 

 Image credit:

5. Walkies! This cat was so helpful that she got put in charge of walking dogs. I bet that’s going to pop up in your next doggy nightmare. 



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