Top 10 Kid’s Birthday Party Games


While the purpose of a birthday party is to celebrate the honoree’s special day, events of this nature are not nearly as enjoyable if the celebration doesn’t also include an assortment of engaging games. Birthday games give party guests the opportunity to test their skills and show their abilities to their peers. Whether planning tried-and-true games, or going with a less common option, adding games to your next birthday event can lead to even more party-time fun and laughter.

Blindfolded Fun

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

With just a picture of a tailless donkey, an attachable tail and a blindfold, you can engage your guests in hours of fun. Allow guests to take turns covering their eyes and seeing how close they can get when trying to place the donkey’s tail back onto his body.

Hunting Challenges

2. Hide and Seek

Guests have the opportunity to burn off some energy and practice their hiding skills with hide and seek. Allow guests to hide in your indoor or outdoor party space, and select one party guest to hunt the hidden.

3. Treasure Hunt

Allow guests to imagine themselves on a quest for treasure in a faraway land with a treasure hunt. Before the party, create a treasure map and hide some prizes around your party space. Allow guests to follow this map, and seek out exciting tokens.

Get the Party Moving

4. Simon Says

Give your guests’ listening skills the ultimate test with Simon Says. Present guests with a series of commands, instructing them only to complete the ones that are proceeded by the phrase “Simon Says.” As guests excitedly move to complete each request, they will forget all about this decree, and laughter will ensue.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose

This game, which needs no supplies, is an easy way to pass birthday party time. Form guests into a circle, selecting one guest to be “It.” The It must now move around the circle, tapping on heads, saying “Duck, Duck…” When It says, “Goose,” that person must get up and chase It around the ring.

6. Three-Legged Race

Three-legged race success requires teamwork and coordination. Join players together at the ankle to create three-legged hybrids. Ask them to use their skills to traverse a playing area. This request usually leads to an assortment of trips, falls and laughs.

7. Wheelbarrow Race

Ask one guest to act as the wheelbarrow, and the other as the wheelbarrow pusher in this game. The wheelbarrow guest must get on his hands while his partner grabs his feet and pushes him across the playing field. Whichever odd duo completes the race first, wins.

Musical Options

8. Hot Potato

The fast-paced action needed for success in the game of Hot Potato makes it a sure-fire hit. Form guests into a circle. Present them with a potato or other passable object. Play some music, and instruct the players to pass the object around the circle, taking care not to get caught with it, when the music stops.

9. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs gives kids a reason to cheer and scurry about. Set up an assortment of chairs, putting one-too-few for the number of players. Play a musical selection, and instruct guests to stop and take a seat when the music ends. The one caught without a chair is “out,” and the fun begins again.

Noisy Fun

10. Balloon Stomp

Noise making is a popular birthday pastime, and this activity is what a balloon stomp is all about. Divide guests into groups, giving each group a set of balloons. Whichever group stomps the life out of their balloons first wins this noisy game.



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