How to Get Pregnant Naturally With Herbs


Trying to conceive is one of life’s frustrating and confusing journeys. Even when you feel as educated and armed as possible, the waiting each month to see if maybe this one is the one that stayed put can become burdensome and start to make you question your own knowledge on the topic. You become susceptible to commercials and ads with happy moms promising the method they chose worked. If herbal remedies are tempting you, make sure you do plenty of research before popping a pill. Despite the claims, this can sometimes do as much damage as good while you are trying to conceive.

Step 1

Contact your primary care manager or family doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist, who focuses on herbs and other natural remedies as well as fertility.

Step 2

Make a list of everything you are currently taking, both over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions. Herbs can interact just like drugs and can neutralize one another or cause harm. Also make a list of herbs you are considering, such as chasteberry or dong quai. Having a list of think you want to try will help the specialist answer your questions and know what you are thinking.

Step 3

Ask the specialist to give you specific recommendations of herbs to try. Find out which ones you can get naturally, such as in foods or drinks, and which need to be taken as supplements. Get detailed instructions of how much to take and stick with that. Following his instructions will keep you from decreasing your chances of conceiving and help you narrow down the products that aren’t working.


  • Never try herbs without a doctor’s recommendation. They should be treated as medication and not experimented with, without medical supervision.



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