Women’s Rights & Adoption

Despite your best efforts to use birth control, you may end up pregnant. Though most methods have high success rates, if used incorrectly, your chance of pregnancy increases. Should you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, you have several options in the United States. You can keep the baby and raise it or you can choose not to keep the baby–either by aborting the fetus or giving the baby up for adoption.

Women’s Rights

The topic of women’s rights can be a hot button issue for some people. Women’s rights generally include the ability to get birth control to prevent pregnancy and the ability to make a decision about how to handle your pregnancy should you become pregnant. The 1973 decision in the Supreme court case of Roe vs. Wade determined that the right to privacy included a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, according to Change.org. On the other side, a woman’s right to privacy also included the ability to choose to keep the baby or give him up for adoption.

Types of Adoption

If you are pregnant and decide to give the baby up for adoption, you have two options. You can choose to have an open adoption, where you can personally select the adopting family based on their beliefs, child-raising methods and financial security. During an open adoption, you may be able to see the baby as she grows, according to Planned Parenthood. The other option is a closed adoption, where you do not have any information about the adopting parents, and they have no information about you. A closed adoption can be beneficial if you want to maintain your privacy.

Benefits of Adoption

Adoption is a viable alternative to getting an abortion or raising the child yourself. You may not be ready to raise a baby, especially if you are young, still in school or lack support from the baby’s father or your own parents. For some women, abortion is never an option. In some cases, putting a baby up for adoption can provide that baby with a better lifestyle and with more opportunities than you could provide for her. It may also provide the baby with a stable, two-parent home.

Risks and Concerns

If you choose adoption, you still have to go through the pregnancy and delivery of the baby. There may be complications during the pregnancy or the birth may be difficult. Giving up the baby after birth can be emotionally trying for some women, even if they know it is the best thing. You may also have to get consent from the baby’s father or–at the least–notify him of the pregnancy and your plans for adoption.

Other Options

If you decide against adoption, you have two other options: raising the baby or getting an abortion. Like adoption, these options have their risks and benefits. If you decide to get an abortion, you will have to find a provider, which can be difficult, depending on where you live. You may also have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. You don’t have to tell any one about it if you are older than 18, which can help you maintain privacy. Becoming a parent can put a strain on your relationship and your finances, but for some women, the joy of raising a child overcomes any stress and strain.



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