Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kid’s to Make


Most children enjoy crafts, especially if it’s for a specific purpose – such as making a heartfelt gift for their mothers for Mother’s Day. Tailor the difficulty of the craft to the age of the child so she enjoys the process, rather than becoming overwhelmed that her project won’t be good enough for her mom. Making a Mother’s Day gift for her mommy should be a pleasurable experience that creates a keepsake mom can enjoy for many years to come.


Handmade Mother’s Day cards are a simple craft for young children, or a quick craft to accompany a handmade gift. There are numerous types of cards that children can easily make. Ask the child to draw a picture of his home. Include a window for each member of the family. Cut out the windows, and put a picture of each family member in the window opening. Glue the entire project to a thick piece of poster board or cardboard. Create a mini-book that allows the child to share his thoughts and feelings. The cover might say, “Mom and Me,” or something similar. Write the child’s message for him if he’s unable. Pages might include “My favorite thing to do with mom is,” “I love it when Mom and I play,” or “I love Mom because,” and write the child’s answer.

Picture Frames

Give the child a plain picture frame with a thick frame. Use a basic wood frame, or create a frame out of thick cardstock. The child can draw or paint images around the frame or use craft items to embellish the frame. Craft foam shapes are easy to glue to frames, as are faux gemstones and stickers.


Flowers are a common Mother’s Day gift. Help a child make flowers for her mom that will last a lifetime. Decorate a small clay or terra cotta pot using non-toxic paint. Write the child’s name and date on the bottom of the pot with paint or a permanent marker. Help her make at least three flowers using cardstock, craft foam shapes or thick paper. Write a message or display pictures in the center of the flowers. Use wooden craft sticks painted green as the stems. Secure the flowers inside the pot using clay. Fill the flower pot or any decorated vase with flower pens (pens attached to a silk flower) or handprint flowers. To make handprint flowers, trace the child’s hand (including a bit of her wrist) on colorful construction paper. Cut it out and curl the fingers around a pencil. Pull the edges of the wrist parts together and tape them. It should resemble a flower. Use rolled green paper, a straw or chenille stems as the flower stem. Add leaves if you desire.


Help the child create a keepsake mom can use or display all year long. Create tiles with pictures or handprints using non-toxic paint. The child can paint his own image onto the tile or simply make a handprint. Write “Happy Mother’s Day,” along with the child’s name and date. Attach a wire hanger to the back of the tile so mom can hang the tile. Fill a small plain craft box with candy or another small treat. Let the child decorate the top of the craft box using paint or other embellishments. Help him create a simple flower shape using his fingerprints as the center and petals of the flower.



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