Edutainment Apps To Help Fight Spring Break Brain Drain

The following post is sponsored by Sylvan Learning
Spring break is right around the corner and that means your kids are going to try to get away with as much screen time as possible. 
Whether they have their own mobile device or they’re just planning to swipe yours – what’s the best way for moms to fight the spring break brain drain? We think it’s by introducing fun and educational apps that kids will actually want to play. It’s sort of like sneaking veggies into a delicious breakfast smoothie!
Luckily, Sylvan Play has partnered with global technology company Fingerprint to launch a new library of awesome edutainment apps – just in time for vacation week. Kids will have a blast building critical skills in reading, math, science, strategic thinking and more – so you can relax knowing their screen time is being put to good use.
Here are some of the great new apps that are available:

Critter Cruise (ages 6 – 9): Inspires math and language learning as kids take a landmark filled road trip across North America, filling up their gas tank by correctly answering questions. This game was developed exclusively for SylvanPlay and aligns to specific grade level content and the Common Core curriculum.
Battle Station (ages 6 – 9): Helps kids improve number sense as they defend their ship from enemy submarines by estimating their location using marker buoys. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch.
Equator (ages 6 – 9, tablet only): Challenges kids to collaborate to bring balance to the equator by testing their math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and order of operations as they play through four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch.
Angle Asteroids (ages 6 – 9): Helps kids develop an intuition for angles as they position their laser to blast away the incoming asteroids.  Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch.
Pizza Party (ages 6 – 9): Helps kids master fractions by splitting up the treats at a pizza party with fun tools like the Slice-o-matic. Will be an exclusive SylvanPlay launch.
Sushi Scramble (ages 6 – 9, tablet only): Develops language skills through a multiplayer word-building game where 2 to 4 players collaborate or compete to “serve” up the most words or longest word. 
Get Rocky (ages 6 – 9): Inspires an interest in science through a geology-based racing game that takes kids to the core of the earth.
Not Lost in the Universe (ages 6 – 9, tablet only): Kids learn about how wind, the sun, water, and heat create lasting sources of energy while helping the brave explorers on the Planet Blarp refuel their power cells. 
Wonder Bunny Math Race (ages 3 – 8): Helps younger kids ages 3-8 learn numbers, counting, addition and subtraction as they help Wonder Bunny win the race and collect carrots along the way.
Wondering how to choose which ones to download? Here’s the best news: you don’t have to! Sylvan Play packages all these apps together in one network. One-stop shopping, what’s not to love?!
SylvanPlay is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and offers an assortment of free and paid content ranging from $.99 to $4.99. All apps within the SylvanPlay network are free for current Sylvan Learning customers.



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