Recommended Games for Wii


The Nintendo Wii, the gaming system that gets you and your kids off the couch to play, supports games for nearly every interest and skill level. When choosing the next game for your Wii, look for one offering both family-friendly fun and the potential to entertain adults after the kids go to bed.

“Disney Epic Mickey”

Disney’s 2010 contribution to the Wii, “Epic Mickey,” offers an edgier twist on classic Disney entertainment. Armed with paint and paint thinner, Mickey sets out to restore happiness to a ruined Disney wasteland. The game is rated for everyone, but Mickey’s interactive adventure through a dark world of Disney rejects will appeal to older children and adults alike. You’ll enjoy the tributes to characters of Disney past, like Steamboat Willie, while your kids develop problem-solving skills as they modify the interactive world created by Disney.

“Super Paper Mario”

Getting used to three-dimensional game play on the Wii when you grew up on the two dimensions of Super Nintendo can be challenging, and “Super Paper Mario” makes the perfect stepping stone. Mario and Luigi are back to save Princess Peach from Count Bleck. The game alternates between the 2D play characteristic of the original Mario franchise and an updated 3D world. While the game is rated for the whole family, the witty humor gives the game an adult dimension as well.

“Just Dance”

The Wii was one of the first gaming systems to integrate fitness into the fun, and “Just Dance” continues the tradition. The easy-to-play game allows up to four people to mimic choreographed moves set to more than 30 songs. Choose from classic favorites by MC Hammer, Cyndi Lauper or Elvis Presley or new hits by Katy Perry and Divine Brown. Nintendo released “Just Dance 2″ and “Just Dance Kids” in fall of 2010, giving players even more song choices.

“Boom Blox”

Steven Spielberg, director of “Jaws,” the “Indiana Jones” series and “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” among others, ventures into the world of gaming with “Boom Blox,” a series of puzzles and problem-solving games easy enough for casual players but versatile enough for hardcore gamers. Be the first to knock down your opponents’ block forts with bowling balls, or work together to remove blocks from a wobbling tower. The game allows for single or multiple players in cooperative or competitive scenarios.



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