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Ways to Paint a Family Room

Instead of slapping some paint haphazardly onto your family room wall, take some time to plan your painting of this family-togetherness space. By selecting a less common painting technique, you can make your room more aesthetically pleasing and inviting to all who enter.

Faux Crown Molding

If you wish that your family room contained crown molding, but can’t fit the cost of this accent into your budget, create the illusion of this classy room topping with paint. Instead of painting all the way up to the ceiling, measure down 8 to 12 inches. Use a level and create a tape line. Paint below this line, then remove the tape once you are done. While not quite as interesting as actual crown molding, this contrasting color atop your family room walls will serve as the next best thing.

Shades of… Painting

Instead of selecting only one hue, pick several shades of your favorite color to add excitement to your family room space. Pick a color to feature in your room and visit the paint store, buying two or three different shades. Paint one accent wall in your darkest shade and the others in a lighter hue, or use the different colors to draw attention to architectural features of the room, such as sunken wall sections. Select solid-colored furniture in a contrasting hue to allow your walls to serve as the boldest statement in the room.

Painted Chair Rail

Give your plain family room walls a more interesting look by creating a chair rail with paint in your space. Produce this look by placing a thick piece of masking tape approximately three feet off the ground. Use a level to ensure that this line remains straight. Select a dark color to paint on the bottom of this line, and a darker hue to paint on top. After your paint has dried, peel away this tape to leave your chair rail replicating line separating your two family room hues.

Striped Accent Wall

Make a statement in your space with a striped accent wall. Select two hues to features in your stripe, and pick a stripe size to create. Paint your entire wall the lighter hue, and allow it to dry for several days. Using a tape measure, level and masking tape, tape off your strips, then apply the darker color. When you remove your tape after the paint has dried, you will be left with crisp, clean stripes on your dominant family room wall.

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