When Youre in the Zone, Take Action!


Sometimes I feel ultra creative and sometimes I just don’t! I’ve learned to listen to my thoughts and when I’m in that creative zone, I write down all my ideas and take action. If I just write them but don’t take action, they end up not happening.
We all ebb and flow with the creative juices. But when your conscience is telling you to listen over and over, I truly believe that you should listen. I was speaking at the Spa & Resort show in NYC a few weeks ago and took Q&A afterwards. It was so exciting to meet these creative women that were all making big career changes in their lives. When I asked them what it was that made them decide to move forward with their biz idea, they all basically said, “I just had to!” They each explained (separately) that their idea had been sitting with them for so long, it wouldn’t go away. And then when
they when took action, it gave them such momentum.  Once you start, you get on a roll.
Here’s a few first steps to get you going:
1. Write everything down about your idea
2. Research similar ideas/companies/products/services
3. Think about how you are different, what sets you apart.
4. Are you different enough to stand out?
5. Read blogs and trade papers within that genre to see whats up to the minute.
Have fun!



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