Thanksgiving Dinner Party Ideas


Make your next Thanksgiving dinner more memorable with ideas that are different from the usual dinner table get-together. By coming up with a different way to have your next Thanksgiving dinner party, you will bring more reactions and interactions with everyone tuned in to the occasion. Think of what will work best for you and your guests so that everyone will have a grand time.

International Potluck Thanksgiving Party

Make your next Thanksgiving party a fusion of different cuisines. An international potluck Thanksgiving dinner is not only applicable if you are entertaining a crowd consisting of different cultural backgrounds, but it also applies if all attendees have the same ethnicity. Ask each guest to choose a dish that comes from a country of his choice. If you have many guests, group them by nation to make the task more manageable. Each group can bring an entire course consisting of appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts. For example, the China group can bring potstickers or egg rolls for appetizers, sweet-and-sour pork chops for entree, chow mein for a side dish and fortune cookies for dessert.

Decorating the venue with items that are identifiable with each country — such as paper lanterns from China or beaded silks from India — that can hang from the ceiling will create an international atmosphere. Decorate the buffet table with a globe and label each food group with a printed map of each country. Create invitations by printing a world map as the cover of the invitation. Dressing up with costumes from different nations will add flair to the occasion.

Puritan-Style Thanksgiving

Party like the Puritans are your next Thanksgiving dinner party. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that started the first of many Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States. A Puritan-style Thanksgiving party will remind everyone of the history of the occasion. The party can be a potluck, or you can prepare or cater the meals for your guests. The menu should consist of the traditional wild fowl (turkey or goose), vegetable and fruit produce. Dressing up for the occasion with Puritan or Indian attire will continue the theme. A trivia game pertaining to the history of Thanksgiving is appropriate for the occasion. Decorate the buffet table with a cornucopia filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Creating scroll invitations also helps set the theme.

Bonfire Thanksgiving Dinner

Depart from the usual Thanksgiving get-together by bringing the party outdoors with a bonfire Thanksgiving dinner. Holding your party outdoors elicits more open and informal conversations with everyone gathering by the fire, which warms up the cold autumn night. If you are hosting the event in your backyard, a simple fire pit with small flame will work. Out in an open field or at the beach is preferable for bigger bonfires when burning logs and tree clippings are being used. You can also use a big barrel. Don’t forget to check with the local fire and police departments for the appropriate burning permits. Officials will also provide safety tips for the occasion. Chowing down on grilled foods along with a steady supply of drinks will keep every belly satisfied.



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