Update your to-do list~

How many of you put together to-do lists for the week? Most of these lists comprise of everything we feel we need to get done in a timely fashion. They contain items like pick up the laundry, or get to the store, pay the bills, take kids to activities, volunteer at school, return phone calls, and so on and so forth. We constantly add to these lists and hopefully cross things off as well. What if you also had a fun to-do list of things you would love to do every week? How many of you have one of those? Probably not too many. Maybe this list would look like go get a massage, meet a friend for coffee, read a magazine, cook a great meal, or take a nap. How differently would you experience life if you added one fun to-do for every three musts? Do you feel it would help you get through the week with a lighter attitude? Wouldn’t it be nice if you rewarded yourself every now and then with something that put a smile on your face? I think creating balance is critical if you want to fully enjoy your life. I used to have quite a bit of guilt when it came to nurturing myself.  I always felt I had to put everyone else’s well being before my own. Now I realize the importance of doing kind things for myself, for it allows me to be a better wife, mother and friend. Try to incorporate a 3:1 rule of to-do’s in your own life. For every three things you must do, add a dash of something fun as well. See how you feel after a couple of weeks.

1. Get rid of guilt
     The first step in incorporating this rule is to let go of the guilt involved. Why do you need to feel guilt when doing something nice for yourself? There is no purpose to the guilt, so enjoy these simple luxuries. You do not have to go overboard, just do something that puts a smile on your face. Pick fresh flowers. Meet a friend for coffee. Go for a sunset walk outside. Go see a matinee.
2. Time
     Please don’t use the excuse that you simply don’t have time to do something fun every week. If you have time to cook, clean, work, pay bills, volunteer, watch TV, or do yard work, then you can make the time for something fun and refreshing. This is the time to prioritize how you spend your time. Doing something nice for yourself shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury, but more of a necessity.
3. Start the list
     If you are used to making to-do lists, then get one started for the fun activities you want to incorporate every week. Make a master list that you can refer to at the beginning of every week. Look at the list and pick one activity that you can squeeze in during the week. I guarantee you will start to feel lighter and more joyful when you have something to look forward to every week. So get started~



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