Activities Kids Can Do to Learn About Recycling


Through recycling, kids can help create a greener future. By training your kid in the basics of recycling from an early age, you can encourage her to adopt earth-friendly practices and do her part to keep her planet healthy. Teaching your kid about recycling does not have to be a difficult task. By integrating some recycling tasks into your daily interactions with your child, you can have her recycling on her own in no time.

Recycle Center Set-Up

Get your child interested in recycling by allowing her to have a hand in setting up a home recycling center. Take your kid to your area recycling center and allow her to gather information on which materials you can recycle. Then hit the hardware store, and buy containers for her to use in setting up your family recycle space. Once she has crafted your recycle-ready area, allow her to show the space to the rest of the family, explaining what she has learned about recycling.

Green Games

Increase your child’s knowledge of recycling by engaging him in green games. Create games centered around recycling for your child to complete. For example, label bags plastic, glass and aluminum and collect some refuse that fits into these categories. Allow your child to sort these objects into the appropriate bag. Or let your kid go through your pantry, placing smiley face stickers on objects that can be recycled and frowny face stickers on objects that cannot.

Read All About Recycling

Transform your standard story time with a selection of books on recycling. Try “The Garbage Monster” by Joni Sensel which tells the tale of a young girl beating a monster composed entirely of garbage by dividing it into recyclables. “Michael Recycle” by Ellie Bethel tells the tale of a boy whose super power stems from his ability to educate people on the task of recycling. Either book, along with the number of other recycle-themed picture books available, can engage your kid and increase her interest in the task of recycling.

Recycle Bin Facts

Let your knowledgeable kid add a touch of educational value to your at home recycling area by creating recycle bin facts. Sit down with your child at the computer, and ask him to research a few facts on the process of recycling. Instruct him to type up these gathered facts, print them out, and attach them to your home recycling bins. Encourage him to select facts specific to each bin. For example, he could look up how much plastic the United States recycles yearly and place this tidbit on your family’s plastic recycling center. Encourage him to change out these facts regularly, ensuring that your family members receive a little bit of education each time they venture to the recycling bins to dispose of their trash.

Learning on the Road

Instead of just studying recycling at home, take your child on a recycling adventure. Locate a nearby recycling plant and schedule a visit. If possible, arrange a tour, allowing your curious kid to see how the process of recycling really works. Once she sees this first-hand, she may be more eager than ever to take on the task of recycling.



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