Pregnancy Clothes for Teens

A clothing retailer popular with teenage girls caused a bit of controversy in the summer of 2010 when it released a line of maternity clothes. Some argued that the line of clothing would encourage teenagers to become pregnant simply so that they could wear the clothes. The truth of the matter is that some teenage girls do find themselves pregnant and would rather wear trendy and stylish maternity clothes instead of clothing an older pregnant woman would wear.


Jeans designed for pregnant women skip the button and fly closure and replace it with an elastic waist band or a full belly panel for later in the pregnancy. A fake fly still appears on the jeans so that they look like a normal pair of jeans. Maternity jeans come in the popular skinny cut, which may work for teenagers with slender hips and thighs. Other pregnant teenagers may prefer a boot-cut jean, which tend to have looser cut on the hips and thighs. The belly panel found on some pairs of jeans provides support during the later months of pregnancy.


Stretchy leggings designed for pregnant women may be very comfortable for a teenager to wear during the second and third trimester. They are great to wear underneath a dress to keep the mom-to-be warm in the winter time or under a long flowing tunic top. Most maternity leggings have a panel that stretches over the pregnant belly to provide support and comfort during the later stages.

Elastic Waist Skirts

Maternity skirts designed for younger women come in a variety of colors, styles and lengths. A teenager should look for a knee-length or longer skirt when pregnant. A flowing maxi skirt may be extremely comfortable and warm, especially if paired with leggings. Knee-length denim skirts that resemble traditional jean skirts except for the elastic waist are suitable for school days or the weekend.

Empire Waist Dresses

A knee-length dress with an empire waist, which sits just below the bust, is a great choice for a pregnant teenager. The high waist allows the rest of the dress to flow over the belly, so it is more loose and comfortable. Maternity dresses typically come in short or long sleeves, depending on the season. Sun dresses are also available for a teenager who is pregnant during the hot summer.



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